OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 Clase 1 Certification guarantees that our yarns are free from prohibited substances and harmful chemical products.


At HILADOS EGARFIL we buy wool from suppliers using mulesing-free wool and committed to upholding Farm Animal Welfare Council “Five Freedoms”. This is our commitment too and we can provide a certification on request.



The EU ECOLABEL certification is granted to identify products with a low environmental impact throughout its life cycle. This label is limited to a strict number of yarns in pure wool and wool/polyamide blends.

Reg. No. ES-CAT/016/008

Supply chain spinner approved by British Wool UK

Member of the technical textiles cluster of Catalonia


All our production chain is in the area of Barcelona.
Egarfil is committed to provide excellence in the quality of both product and client support.